Lightbulb IP provides search, preparation, filing, and prosecution services in all areas of intellectual property law. This includes counseling and advice on patent, trademark, and copyright matters.

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Patents for New and Useful Inventions.

Patents provide broad protection over inventions that are both new and useful by giving inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for a limited time. We work with you to capture the novelties of your invention in a patent application. In addition, we provide search services to find prior art that may affect the patentability of your invention.

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Trademarks for Securing Distinctiveness in your Market.

A federally registered trademark can secure your brand nationwide by limiting use of your name, symbol, or other distinuishing identifier by others in a crowded marketplace. Filing for registration is quick, and we conduct a brief screening search of prior registrations for potential conflicts as part of every filing.

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Copyrights for Works of Artistic Expression.

An author's copyright arises naturally from the act of creating an original work of artistic expression. Though others may create similar works, a copyright prevents unauthorized copying of an author's original work. Registering your work can provide benefits if it should be copied without your authorization.

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